My ECOSOC Youth Forum Experience and Takeaway.

Tolu Aina

Blog post by Tolu Aina - Published at July 27, 2023

I had the incredible privilege of attending the ECOSOC Youth Forum as an esteemed participant, representing the global south. The invitation extended to me by Lachezara Stoeva, the President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), provided a unique opportunity to actively contribute to a momentous event. This Forum served as a platform for young individuals to engage in meaningful dialogue with Member States and other stakeholders, enabling us to voice our views, express concerns, and galvanise actions towards creating a fairer, greener, and more sustainable world guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

During my attendance at the ECOSOC Youth Forum

I immersed myself in a wide range of panel discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions. I wholeheartedly engaged with fellow participants, Member States, and other stakeholders in constructive conversations. By sharing my experiences, insights, and expertise, I aimed to drive positive change and advocate for the pressing issues faced by communities in the global south.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the Forum was the opportunity to collaborate with other young leaders. Together, we harnessed our collective energy, creativity, and passion to develop innovative solutions that addressed the challenges hindering progress towards the SDGs. By showcasing success stories, best practices, and unique perspectives from the global south, we successfully fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diverse contributions of young people worldwide.

As an attendee, I actively utilised digital platforms and social media to extend the impact of the ECOSOC Youth Forum. By leveraging technology, I joined forces with my fellow youth leaders to amplify our voices and mobilise a broader global audience. Through online platforms, we raised awareness, inspired action, and engaged with a wider network of young individuals who shared our dedication to sustainable development.

Having contributed to the outcome of the ECOSOC Youth Forum

I am proud of the progress made towards a fairer, greener, and more sustainable world. Our collective efforts and commitments have fostered a renewed sense of urgency and determination among all stakeholders involved. The event served as a catalyst for change, igniting a wave of transformative actions and inspiring individuals across the globe to play an active role in achieving the SDGs.

Looking back at this extraordinary experience, I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the outcome of the ECOSOC Youth Forum. It reinforced my belief in the power of youth leadership and collaboration in shaping a better future. As I continue my journey as an advocate for sustainable development, I will carry the lessons learned and the connections forged during this event, ensuring that the spirit of the Forum lives on in my ongoing efforts to create positive change within my community and beyond.

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